Agent-Based Modelling, by Nigel Gilbert and Edmund Chattoe-Brown (University of Leicester, UK) (University of Surrey, UK)


 In this session, we introduce agent-based modelling as one style of social simulation. In the first lecture, we describe some exemplar models and outline their common characteristics, in order to derive a definition of an agent-based model. In the second lecture, we offer a quick overview of the methodology of agent-based modelling (a topic covered in more detail the next day). In the third lecture, we shall consider approaches to building ABM, including a review of toolkits and frameworks, and discuss validation and verification. The fourth hour will be used for small group discussion of research questions suitable for agent-based modelling.



 Agent-based social simulation: dealing with complexity, by Nigel Gilbert

 Emergent properties of Balinese Water Temple Networks, by Stephen Lansing and James Kremer

 From factors to actors, by Michael Macy and Robert Willer


 Gilbert, N. (2007). Agent-based models. Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences. Sage Publications Inc.