Reading List


The following articles and books might be useful for students who want to set the stage for their participation to the school. Newcomers are strongly encouraged to study this reading list (at least the on-line articles).


On-line articles:


Gilbert N. & Terna P. (2000) How To Build and Use Agent-Based Models in Social Science, in Mind & Society, 1, 1, pp. 57-72, downloadable at:


Macy M. (2002) Social Simulation, in N. Smelser and P. Baltes (eds.), International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, downloadable at:


Macy M. & Willer R. (2002) From Factors to Actors: Computational Sociology and Agent-Based Modelling, in Annual Review of Sociology, 28, pp. 142-166, downloadable at:


Axelrod R. & Tesfatsion L. (2009) Online Guide for Newcomers to Agent-Based Modelling in the Social Sciences, downloadable at:


Squazzoni F. (2010) The Impact of Agent-Based Models in the Social Sciences after 15 Years of Incursions, in History of Economic Ideas, forthcoming, downloadable at:


Other social simulation articles on diverse topics, such as economic behaviour, social norms, cognitive aspects of social behaviour, opinion dynamics, applied simulation, and policy modelling can be found on JASSS-The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, the major reference for social simulation. JASSS is published quarterly on Web with free access at:




Gilbert N. & Troitzsch K. W. (2005) Simulation for the Social Scientist, Second Edition, Open University Press.


Epstein J. (2006) Generative Social Science. Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling, Princeton University Press, Princeton.


Gilbert N. (2007) Agent-Based Models, Sage Publications, London.