An Agent-Based Model and Architecture for Simulating Norm Dynamics, by Rosaria Conte (CNR, Rome, Italy)

The innovation of norms among autonomous agents will be described as a complex bidirectional process, including emergence from the bottom-up and immergence from the top down. A deliberative agent architecture, EMIL-A, will be described in detail and used as a platform (EMIL-S) for simulating norm recognition and spreading, comparing it with alternative agent models. Interestingly, EMIL-A is a flexible system, accounting not only for norm-related decisions, but also for thoughtless conformity and norm internalization. Current developments in the direction of semi-automated normative behavior and internalization will be presented.


Online Papers:

Campenný, M., Andrighetto, G., Cecconi, F., Conte, R. (2009) Normal = Normative? The role of intelligent agents in norm innovation. In Squazzoni, F. (Ed.) Special Issue on Social Simulation, Mind & Society, 2009, 10.1007/S11299-009-0063-4,

Lotzmann, U. , Moehring, M. and Troitzsch, K. G.  (2009) Simulating the Emergence and Innovation of Norms, PerAdaNewsroom,

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